Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Some of our most common questions can be found below, but we want to make sure you’re feeling confident about us. If you have additional questions, let us know!

Q: Can you really create a high energy party environment as a duo?

A: Absolutely! Our duo format has a wide range of Soul ‘70s and Top 40 hits to keep your guests dancing all night.

Q: Can you provide some mellow music for my ceremony and cocktail hour/dinner?

A: These are some of our favorite times to play. We’ve developed an incredible song list for more mellow environments, and will happily take requests for a anything special you might like to hear for those big moments!

Q: Do you play uncensored versions of songs?

A: Nope. We pride ourselves in always bringing family-friendly fun. We want to respect those little ears and religious environments.

Q: Will you provide services for a same sex wedding?

A: You bet. All that matters is that there’s love in the air!

Q: Can you emcee?

A: Absolutely. We’re happy to help move the event along with announcements, speech introductions, and crowd pumping as needed!

Q: Do you take song requests?

A: Yes, we are able to do requests. Please let us know what they are at time of booking.

Q: Can you hold a date for me?

A: Unfortunately we can only hold a date with a signed contract. Its not possible for us to hold a date without signed contract.

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